The Lords Of Gamecraft

 The Lords Of Gamecraft is a small but aspirational youtube channel that aims to be big, very big. The channel was started by Christian Schryvers and Ronan Halliday back in september 2011. Then after Ronans computer crapped out in early December 2011 Christian put out a call on the PlanetMinecraft forums looking for someone to join him, there he found Timmy who has been with TLOGC ever since. Around January of 2012 Christian put out another call on the PMC forums and found William Savage who, like Timmy, joined up with TLOGC.

Now after a month of no member change a pattern has started to form, Christian records most of the games that have been posted, however William has done a few minecraft videos by himself and Ronan and Timmy both chip in on the podcasts, minecraft and mainstream games.

 The vision Christian and Ronan had upon the creation of TLOGC is to become the biggest and best gaming channel on youtube, but to also include some podcasts along the way. The Lords have only just started to do podcasts but have been talking about doing them since the very beginning.

 Meet the lords

Christian: Main owner of the channel, Prefers mainstream games and podcasts. Does most of the recording. American

Ronan: The co-owner along with Christian, he is also a player. Scottish

Timmy: He is a player not a recorder, his fraps doesn't like him. Canadian

William: GFX and animation person, terrible at spelling. Mostly plays minecraft, does record. English

 The Lords have been finding new places to spread their wings, they have joined a gaming community called fabledcraft. The fabledcraft minecraft server has been used  lot by the Lords, mostly to be creative, but it has also allowed the Lords to add more people to their podcasts and videos.

 This site is only a temp site until we can get web hosting and HTML softwere.

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